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Preschool (2-4 years)

Preschool children are exploding with expanding interests. At this age, they begin to investigate the workings of a widening world and experiment with their emerging use of language.

Preschool is the period that precedes the serious business of formal schooling. It is a time of educational strides in language and conceptual thinking, and in the development of self and social skills. Preschool is also a time when parents and society begin to look at children differently, looking toward elementary school and beyond to cultivate future students and citizens. Preschool is both a daily place to be and a place to prepare and enjoy childhood.

Working with manipulatives is a great way to develop math skills. Such activities can assist with the knowledge of counting, sorting, classifying and cause and effect.

The Preschool education is about balancing the present and the future; to understand and appreciate the child in front of you, while recognizing what the child can become. A quality program provides a place for children to learn all the necessary skills and understandings to succeed in kindergarten and to continue to thrive academically, while encouraging and nurturing an environment for a terrific childhood.

Emergent writing is a great way for preschool students to develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and an early appreciation for letters and words.

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